Scuba Diving Excursions on the Costa del Sol


Regardless what other companies say, there are only a handful of dive sites on the coast worth the visit - with Scuba Tours you'll dive them!



Discover Scuba Diving 90€
Qualified Diver 95€
Local Dive 50€
Snorkeling 35€

Includes: transport, full equipment, and guide

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Reserve for 2 people in advance and get an even better deal on your day out!!

Discover Scuba x 2 180€ 160€
Qualified Diver x 2 190€ 170€

Offers can NOT be combined


La Herradura - Home to some of the best dive sites in Spain

Our most popular diving destination! This Marine reserve East of Malaga features a small peninsular with lots of dive sites in sheltered bays which means there is always somewhere to dive no matter what! You have wall dives, reef dives, lots of swim through's and little caverns very common for Octopus and Squid (take a torch). You’ll also see large dense shoals of Sardines reflecting silver from the sun. The colourful walls of soft coral are home to lots of Nudibranch, Blennys and Sea Horses which makes an excellent opportunity for underwater photography. On your dive it is not uncommon to see Large Octopus, Trigger Fish, Conger & Moray Eels, Mediterranean Grouper and Sunfish. Make sure you pack your camera!

Sunset Beach

This is our local dive site which is directly in front of the hotel, just a few steps from our 'Scuba Shack'. This is where we conduct our 'Discover scuba' and is suitable for everyone, a perfect dive site for a 'refresher', it has a maximum depth of 10m and is also a great dive for newly qualified divers. On this dive you can expect to see lots of sea life such as Wrasse, Bream, shoals of Sardines, Octopus, Cuttlefish and the occasional Ray!


Well known for its famous wrecks! Bordering the Atlantic Ocean you get a variety of different species taking up residence on the numerous wrecks, the most popular dive is on an old cable layer penetrable to the engine room, an ideal home for Octopus, Grouper and Congers. this is a great dive for any level of scuba diver. Don't forget your Passport!


We offer the PADI 'Discover Scuba Diving' program     Book Now

After a short briefing your instructor will teach you the basic skills of Scuba Diving in the pool giving you the opportunity to build confidence and get use to the equipment. Following this you then enjoy a sea dive with your instructor where you get the chance to discover the underwater world of the Mediterranean. On completion you receive a certification valid for 1 year which can be credited towards the PADI 'Scuba Diver' or 'Open Water' Course.

If you get the Bug why not join us on our Day Excursion

After completion of the PADI 'Discover Scuba Diving' program, together with your instructor you are able to join on our dive trips within the following 14 days. In small groups we offer 2 dives at the marine reserve of La Herradura, where in just 12m you can see lots of colourful coral, Octopus, Cuttlefish and an array of different species of inquisitive fish which will eat from your hand!

Discover Scuba Diving on the Costa del Sol
Discover Scuba Diving in Benalmadena


2 Dives with a Guide - We keep our groups small ensuring the fun is Big!     Book Now

Our most popular excursion is to the marine reserve of La Herradura east of Malaga (where you will find the best diving on the Coast), you enjoy 2 guided dives at some fantastic dive sites of coral, great rock formation with swim through's, where underwater you will experience the most colour and sea life within the whole of the Costa del Sol.

We also offer diving excursions to Gibraltar, being close to the Atlantic you get to see a different viriety of sea life than just in the Med. On these dive sites we offer wreck dives along with an abundance of sea life from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Scuba Diving in La Herradura Spain
Scuba Diving Excursions to Gibraltar


Stuck for time or have family comitments?

Then this local dive site directly in front of our 'Scuba Shack' is an ideal location which can be enjoyed by the experienced diver looking for a refresher dive if you haven't dived for a while, or just the chance to get wet again leaving the family to chill out at our pool area!

The perfect location to give beginners the chance to experience the underwater world accompanied by one of our instructors. On this easy dive your instructor will be beside you constantly monitoring your air supply and adjusting your buoyancy, leaving you with nothing to think about except enjoying the experience!

Also a great place for snorkeling, let our instructors guide you to the best places where you can see octopus, cuttle fish, lots of bream, wresse and much more Mediterranean underwater life!

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